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Self checkout at various locations

Our self-checkout solutions are ideal for supermarkets, hotel lobbies, offices, and restaurants. Customers can simply capture items by scanning barcodes themselves, with payment conveniently processed via a customer card or through a card payment terminal.

Additionally, our systems are equipped with an innovative door opening module. This allows registered customers to gain secure and fast access to your premises using an RFID card or a QR code. Experience the advantages of an efficient and user-friendly self-checkout system specifically tailored to the needs of your business operation.

Self Checkout Terminal

Customers bill their purchases themselves

OktoPOS Self Checkout Terminal

Simplified item registration and versatile payment options

Items are efficiently captured by scanning barcodes at the terminal. Customers identify themselves using their customer card, which then debits the payment amount.

The customer cards offer flexible payment options: They can be used as debit cards directly via direct debit or as prepaid cards, which can be conveniently reloaded via your website. Additionally, a card payment terminal can be connected for further payment options. Scales can also be effortlessly integrated into the system to ensure seamless transaction processing.


  • Supermarket self-checkout.
  • Self service convenience corner in hotel lobbies.
  • Sale of snacks in offices.
  • Self checkout in the restaurant.
OktoPOS Self Checkout Terminal

With the self-checkout terminal, customers can ring-up the articles to be paid.

The purchases are entered either with article-buttons on the touchscreen terminal or by scanning barcodes.

The terminal can be configured so that either only registered customers or anonymous customers can shop.

The following payment options are available: prepaid cards, customer cards with direct debit, cashless payment.

Customer cards can be registered and also topped up on a dedicated website.

The customer card is held in front of the device after the articles have been entered in order to complete the purchase.

The customer receives a PDF invoice by e-mail. Non-registered customers receive their receipt via the printer or by scanning a QR code.

Optionally, the orders can be sent to a kitchen station.

The self-checkout terminal is the perfect solution for office-catering.

Restaurant Self Checkout

With the self checkout terminal, guests can pay when leaving the restaurant.

The prerequisite is that the orders were placed with the OktoPOS Bring Your Own Device customer app by the guest or that a chip card is used on which the orders were saved. Orders can be saved on the chip card with various OktoPOS modules. For example with the mobile order terminal OrderTab, with an e-menu, with an order terminal at the counter or with a self-order terminal.

When leaving the restaurant, the guest holds his chip card or the QR code on his mobile phone in front of the self checkout terminal. The bill to be paid is called up and the guest can pay by credit card.

Checkout Terminal in front of an entrance

Order of goods and services

Goods and services that are to be delivered can be pre-ordered with the terminal. For example in a canteen. The order will be sent directly to the kitchen station. Payment at the cash register is no longer necessary because the payment is integrated in the terminal.

Payment options

The following payment-methods are available:

  • On open account
  • Cashless (credit card, Apple Pay, Google Wallet)
  • With prepaid card (card must be topped up at a cash register or online)

Prepaid Karten

Before a prepaid card can be used as a means of payment, it must be topped up at a cash register, a hardware terminal or via a website (Okto-Topup).

OktoOpen door opening module

With the OktoOpen door opening module you can give your customers access to your business.

Customers register via a website and receive an RFID customer card or QR code with their card number. The customer card or QR code is then held in front of the reader. The door opening module then checks the access authorization and sends an impulse to the entrance door and opens it.

OktoOpen door opening terminal
OktoOpen door opening terminal side view

Door opening module

Blue OktoOpen terminal for opening doors

OktoOpen in Bioflix supermarket

System Requirements

  • Software:
  • Windows 10 logo
  • Windows 11 logo
  • Modules:
  •  SW-SC and SW-CUS
  • Data connection:
  •  LAN / WiFi / mobile
  • The terminal books directly via the internet to the OktoPOS Manager. If the Internet is unavailable, the cash register stores the receipts and later sends them to the OktoPOS Manager.