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OktoPOS - Pioneer for electronic menu cards

Our E-menus are ideal for restaurants, food trucks, hotels, meeting rooms, and office environments. You receive personalized layouts tailored precisely to your needs, and benefit from extensive features that offer numerous advantages to both guests and operators.

The easy maintenance of our E-menus ensures that your offers are always up-to-date. Learn more about the possibilities offered by our electronic menu cards, and contact us for personalized advice.


Benefit from the various advantages for customes and operators.

Electronic menus do not replace service staff, but support them. The time that is saved can be used for better service. At the same time, it is guaranteed that the guests get access to all information about the products, such as allergens.

Sushi Factory restaurant service staff with e-menu
E-menu with leather case, guest information on display

Nutrition-values are calculated on the basis of the recipe and can be displayed on the e-menu.

Take advantage of the technology to change and to add items on the menu with little effort. Test new drinks or take slow-sellers off the menu.

Create seasonal promotions and change the menu for lunch, dinner and weekend.

Sold-out products can be hidden by the kitchen at the push of a button.

With the use of e-menus, the orders are directly entered into the system without any need of your staff doing so.

Foodtruck on a blue background

Food Trucks

Queue Management for mobile sales units.

Food trucks have a customer peak at lunchtime, at caterings and at events.

Food truck, tables and chairs with guests

With a mobile e-menu that is set up in front of the truck, orders can be taken contactlessly and are sent to the kitchen.

The e-menu system manages the situation. No more misunderstandings, customers are satisfied and the kitchen perfectly organized. With the help of the e-menu, a food truck can be staffed with up to one person less than without the e-menu.

Hotel Lobbies

Optimize the service in remote areas.

Service employees are valuable, not always available and expensive.

Particularly in areas ...

  • ... with a low customer frequency,
  • ... with different customer frequencies during the course of the day,
  • ... which are remote and cannot be serviced continously,
  • ... which are too small to be serviced,
  • ... which are open day and night.

The Food-Order Terminal is the solution. Improve the quality and availability of service at the same time as the volume of sales.

Guests simply choose a drink or a snack. The order is processed in the kitchen and will be delivered to the location of the terminal.

OktoPOS Food Order System

Food Ordering System PDF Preview

Optional Upgrades

Increased sales, lower personnel expenses and advantages for the guests make the food-order-system a worthwhile investment.

  • Connection to cash register OktoPOS Cash
  • Connection to waiter order terminal OrderTab
  • Integration of guest surveys
  • Use of guest chip cards

Hotel Rooms

Room service order-terminals for hotel rooms.

Use the potential of the room service:

  • Attractive pictures on the menu
  • Varying offers depending on daytime
  • Activation / deactivation of articles
  • Hotel information
  • Use for other Services
  • Multilingual
  • No misunderstandings or language problems on the phone
  • Orders are directly sent to the kitchen and other divisions
  • Orders are stored for billing/invoicing

The self-order terminals can be placed on the table or mounted on the wall and are connected via Wifi.

E-Menu on Hotel room table

Meeting Rooms

Order drinks, food and supplies.

Place an order terminal in your meeting and conference room.

  • Repeat orders without disturbance
  • Collection of orders for billing
  • Order presentation-equipment and office-supplies
  • Service calls

The order terminals can be placed on the table or be mounted on the wall and are connected via Wifi.

E-menu on table in meeting room


Order-terminals for offices and business centers.

E-menu in office space

Simplified processes thanks to orders via terminals. Orders run-up in the assigned departments / sections.

  • Catering orders for meetings
  • Materials orders
  • Option to bill order on employee or cost centers by using employee cards

E-Menu Functions

E-Menus and order terminals with advanced features.

OktoPOS is a pioneer for electronic menu cards. The OktoPOS E-Menus are characterized by a complete integration into the overall system from the kitchen control to the cash register.

Articles that are no longer available can be deactivated with the kitchen terminal. In addition, different menu cards can be activated for different days of week and different times (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.).

Different menu cards can be defined for areas, e.g. restaurant, bar, take away, etc. Each branch can use a different set of products on the menu card.

Depending on the configuration, e-menus can be combined with contactless customer cards (RFID).

E menu with salad on display

E-Menu - Behind the scenes


  • Standard layout or individual layout
  • Article and picture import from OktoPOS Manager with the touch of a button
  • Menu categories
  • Article overview and detail view
  • Article description with text and photo
  • Shopping basket with indication of total value
  • Sending of orders to kitchen and cash register
  • Display of prior orders
  • Multi-lingual
  • Vegetarian filter
  • Allergen filter
  • Nutrition value calculator
  • Side orders
  • Customizable articles (e.g. custom salad, etc.)
  • Ways of preparation ( cooking levels) (medium, well done, etc.)
  • Combo menus (with free and extra-cost items)
  • Cross selling
  • Wine recommendation
  • Waiter call
  • Billing on tables or contactless guest chip cards
  • Different menu cards for different branches (articles, prices)
  • Different menu cards for in-house and take away (articles, prices, VAT)
  • Integration of information and promotion
  • Integration of apps / website

Menu Administration

The menu cards are managed in the web-based OktoPOS Manager. Updates are deployed to the order terminals with the press of a button.


Choose from a simple network-printer, kitchen-monitor or both. The network printer prints the orders and the location where the order came from.

The kitchen monitor lists the orders with details and timing. Even the recipe can be displayed. The kitchen monitors also offer the option to deactivate and activate items on the menu cards instantly. Profiles can be created. For example morning, evening, night, weekend, etc.

Orders can be routed to different kitchens/bars and stations, depending on the item and time of operation.


E-Menu Advantages for customers and operators.

Restaurant staff with e-menu example

Nutrition values

More information

Allergen information and filter

Article description

Article photos

E-menu with leather case, guest information on display

Relaxed way of ordering without pressure

Guest with e-menu at restaurant table

Service call

E-menu at table and restaurant staff

Orders go directly to the kitchen

Kitchen monitor in restaurant kitchen

Simple re-ordering (e.g. drinks)

Restaurant table with retractable e-menus

Combo menu compilation

E-menu tablet with side order selection
E-menu tablet with selection of the preparation type

Query the preparation methods

Cost overview order history

Restaurant e-menu tablet with order overview
E-menu tablet with language selection


Satisfied guests

The acceptance of electronic menus has increased continuously in recent years. 92% of restaurant guests rate the OktoPOS e-menus as “very good”.

Advantages for restaurant operators

Update the map at the touch of a button

Easily add and delist items

Inclusion of seasonal offers

Elimination of printing costs

Labor savings through direct booking in the kitchen and checkout by the guest

Increased security and control through secure recording of bookings

Compliance with legal regulations by expelling allergens

Cross selling (wine recommendations, etc.)

More repeat orders (drinks, dessert, etc.)

Hide items that are temporarily unavailable

Change menu profiles at the touch of a button (evening menu, etc.)

Integration of information and advertising

Branch differentiation


From restaurants to hotel-rooms.

The Food-Order-Terminal can be placed anywhere within your Wi-Fi network.

For example:

  • Lobbies
  • Lounges
  • Meeting rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Pools
  • Guest rooms

Ask for the different styles of the pedestral, that fit your needs. Depending on the location, we offer different set-up options.

Choose between:

  • Mobile (Cover)
  • Table stand mobile
  • Table stand fix
  • Low floor stand
  • High floor stand
  • Wall mount

Mobile (cover)

The mobile version is the most flexible alternative and helps to keep investment low, when the menus are brought to the customer-tabels.

The loss of devices is generally lower than expected, but it depends significantly on the situation. In a clearly arranged restaurant, the loss is typically is close to zero.

The cover protects your device from damage.

We recommend a cover made of high quality genuine leather. Covers of synthetic leather and other materials wear out after only a few months.

E menu with salad on display

Table stand fix

A fix table stand is recommended in situations where the e-menu has a fixed position and should not be moved. The orders are taken at the location of the e-menu.

E-Menu L-Case table display

Table stand mobile

The mobile table stand is recommended for environments where the e-menu has fixed position, but should still be flexible for customer needs. For example, as a takeaway order terminal.

High floor stand

A high floor stand is recommended when guests order while they are standing, e.g. at a takeaway order terminal or in a waiting queue.

Wall mount

A wall mount is ideal for meeting- and hotel-rooms. This guarantees that the e-menu stays in its place.

A wall mount is available as surface-mounted or flush-mounted solution.

Low floor stand

A low floor stand is ideal for lounge areas and lobbies.

Food order terminal in a lobby


Use our standard layout or get your custom design.

Various e-menu design interfaces
Various e-menu interfaces as an example
Sushi Factory E-Menu Design Example


We recommend to use our standard layout for the design of the e-menu. The buttons and icons can be individualized. By using your own article photos, the e-Menu will reflect the corporate image of your company.

Take advantage of regular updates by using our standard layout.

If you prefer using your own layout, our designers are happy to help according to your specifications. The individualized user-interface uses the OktoPOS standard e-menu engine as a basis.

Retractable e-menu in restaurant table


High-quality and inspiring product photos are essential for digital menus. The photos need to be uploaded in the OktoPOS Manager in a certain size and format. Our digital menu cards generally have a resolution in the range of 2K. Depending on the device, the resolution may be lower.

Laptop, item listing with product images


Proven technology.

The menu cards are equipped with a rechargeable battery and are connected to the local Wi-Fi.

Orders are transferred over a mini-server to the kitchen. The kitchen-monitors and printers are connected to the local network (LAN).

Infographic, e-menus connected to server via wifi

System requirements

  • Software:
  • Windows 11 logo
  • Hardware:
  • Android tablet computer 7-13".
  • The tablet can be inserted in a luxurious leather cover, or it can be integrated in the table.
  • Data connection:
  •  Wi-Fi